Three different active system concepts have been defined:

1. VGAM - Vehicle Global Acceleration Mitigation.

The VGAM system can be easily retrofitted to existing designs to reduce or eliminate the acceleration threat to the occupants. The system can be applied to small, light vehicles such as SUV's, which for the first time can now be fully protected against such as legacy anti-tank mines and IED's.

2. VAFS - Vehicle Armoured Floor Stabilisation

The VAFS system applies force directly to the vehicle belly plate/floor structure, and therefore reduces floor deformation as well as contributing to reducing global acceleration. Addition of the system to a vehicle allows a thinner, lighter belly plate to be used to meet the same mine blast specification, and hence can actually save overall weight as well as reducing floor deformation and global acceleration effects.

3. Active Belly Plate System

Making the vehicle belly plate part of an active system can substantially reduce the effects of an under-belly mine blast.

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