Technology – Armoured Vehicle Blast Protection

A suite of active and passive systems to fully protect the occupants of a vehicle hit by a mine or IED.

1. VGAM™ - Vehicle Global Acceleration Mitigation.

The VGAM™ system can be easily retrofitted to existing designs to eliminate the acceleration threat to the occupants. The system can be applied to any size vehicle, and is especially useful for light vehicles which are most susceptible to Global Acceleration. The lightweight, low profile Linear Rocket Motors (LRM™) which provide required downforce are easily fitted to any vehicle.

2. VAFS™ - Vehicle Active Floor and Seats.

The VAFS™ system very rapidly removes the vehicle floor from below the occupant’s feet after the mine has exploded, so that the violent floor acceleration effects resulting from the shockwave impacting the vehicle cannot connect and cause serious lower limb fractures. Injuries due to these Floor Shock effects are thus eliminated. Active elements in the seats also help in preventing injuries.

3. Passive Belly Plate System.

A novel composite reinforced design minimises deformation of the belly plate, giving several major advantages:-

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